About us

alliance international media (aim) is a regional leader in the publishing business.

We are producing publications dedicated to economic, political and diplomatic leaders in Serbia and the region.

For more than a decade, aim has built its credibility on the basis of independent and transparent operations and adherence to the world’s highest production standards.


Although the majority of aim’s publications are in English since it was formed the company has produced publications in around a dozen world languages.

Almost the entire aim’s publishing programme is realised on the basis of many years of close collaboration with organisations and bodies that give their backing to every completed project.



alliance international media (aim) is a private holding company launched in 1993 in London, UK, with the goal of developing international, multi-lingual, high-quality publications, with offices in Paris, Brussels, Madrid, Bonn and Rome, with further franchises in Greece, Taiwan and South Korea.

In 1996 aim was awarded the Silver International Press Distribution Award (IPD) and in 1997 the world’s highest publishing recognition for small companies (with fewer than 50 employees) when it was awarded the Gold International Press Distribution Award “for publishing companies which show the highest degree of initiative, investment and innovation…” The IPD Award was simultaneously presented to TIME magazine, International Herald Tribune, National Geographic Magazine and several other magazines of global prestige.

The Serbian branch of aim was launched in 2003 in Belgrade and since then has been publishing CorD Magazine, a publication in English recognized as one of the most influential monthly publications in the region.

Аim also produces several “business to business” titles, commissioned by the Embassies, foreign chambers of commerce in Serbia, institutions and missions.

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