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Foreign Investors Council Serbia

FIC Guide is a special edition that informs the broader public on the Foreign Investors Council (FIC) main activities and goals. The publication is jointly produced by FIC and alliance international media (aim) since 2005. It features interviews with FIC management, high government officials and significant stakeholders, as well as contact details of member companies presented in the separate FIC membership list. The FIC officials present the common standpoints, elaborate key activities conducted in the current year, as well as portray short and long-term strategic plans. High government officials also express their views on cooperation with the FIC and talk about future plans of Serbian authorities.

Additionally, each member company has the opportunity to promote its products or services within these editions. FIC Guide has two editions – printed edition in Serbian and digital edition in English. Printed Serbian edition is sent through direct mailing to the selected network of more than 2,500 individuals from the Serbian Government, municipalities, private sector and other stakeholders. Digital edition in English is circulated via e-mail and posted on the FIC and CorD’s website.