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Contract publishing

aim offers a complete publication management service for organizations that lack either a full compliment of internal resources or publishing expertise. It offers everything from strategy and the creation of editorial content, to design, production, print and distribution.


aim’s publishing services:

  • Generation of high quality editorial content for print and online publications
  • Graphic design
  • Project management of all production processes, including print and distribution
  • Expert publishing consultancy
  • Creation of magazines, journals, websites, newsletters, directories, PR and sales copy, annual reports, guides, brochures, marketing products, booklets etc.


aim’s capabilities:

  • Dedicated contract publishing team with extensive experience in all domains of publishing
  • Highly skilled in-house editorial team
  • Experienced product development team, including design, production and manufacturing
  • Cost-effective printing and distribution capabilities
  • Highly effective branding, sales and marketing services
  • Complete project management, from inception to completion
  • Total overall publishing strategy development
  • Proactive approach to problem solving and cost savings
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